Referensi Kekerasan Suara (acoustic pressure level)

140 dB
130 dB – Jet Plane take off
120 dB – Pneumatic Drill, Thereshold of pain
110 dB – Discotheque Floor, Symphony Orchestra at first row
100 dB – Crying Infant
90 dB – Drums at 10 meter, stadium when goal is scored
80 dB – Noise in a very busy street, loud hi-fi sound
70 dB – Vacuum cleaner, speech
60 dB – Limit of normal conversation, Average shop noise
50 dB – Office, Restaurant
40 dB – Conference Room, Soft Music, Quiet Room
30 dB – Quiet classroom
20 dB – Very quiet room
10 dB –
0 dB – Thereshold of perception


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